Hi. I am George Okello

About Me

I'm a freelance web developer, based in Kenya. Kelstra Technologies is the business name that I trade under.

I design and build lean, responsive websites, with a strong focus on universal accessibility, performance and client satisfaction.

Web Design

The web is about experiences. The friends we socialise with, information we seek, and the purchases we make are all part of it.

Whether viewed on a 22 inch desktop screen or a 4 inch smartphone screen, a website developed with mobile devices in mind ensures that all users have a great experience.


Nothing conveys a message as effectively as an image. Unfortunately, sending a one size fits all 150KB widescreen photo to a phone is inefficient and eats into the precious data plan.

Send a pre-scaled 20KB version instead, which allows the phone to download and display the page quickly.. and cheaply.

It's not all about mobile, though. Larger devices can also benefit from various performance optimisations.

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