Tumaapp is a courier application that's easy to use, with a fantastic user experience.

At the launch, in quarter four 2018, the app will initially be available on the Android platform.

After the launch, the app will eventually be available on the iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.




  • Safety

    All of our couriers are fully vetted, and all of our customers provide some basic information when registering.

    So, the increased safety works both ways.

  • Tracking

    The power of GPS means that you always have a good idea of your courier's location.

    No more wondering if your courier is exaggerating when he says that he is a minute away, but is actually ten minutes away.

  • Messaging

    If some information needs to be exchanged, whilst waiting for the courier, the in-built chat makes this a breeze.

  • 24 Hour Service

    Have you ever tried to manually contact all of the couriers in your phone's contact list, only to discover that they've all retired for the night?

    With Tumaapp, it will seem like our couriers never sleep. *

    * They do, actually. All couriers are required to get adequate rest in between shifts.


Meet the people behind this amazing app.

  • Fred OlumoDirector